Dynamic printing in InDesign

For this assignment, I built upon our previous work with XMPie. In InDesign, I were given a static bakery shop coupon. I had to customize the coupon that would double as a postcard using the XMPie software.

I added two customer-specific barcodes. When the customer brought the coupon into the shop, the barcode would be scanned, and the customer's information would be added to the database. If they were a returning customer, then their information would be updated to keep track of their visits. I had to use a few IF ELSE scripts in XMPie, to calculate dynamic variable such as the discount. The discount script was created based on how many items the customer bought.

Once completed, I used dynamic print in the XMPie window, to create a single file of all the postcards. I wanted to have as little waste as possible, but also allow for bleed. So what I did was imposed all the cards on multiple sheets, and set up the row and column spacing.

Fall 2017
Print, Adobe InDesign, XMPie, variable data