Business card imposition

For this project we updated a previously created business card and imposed it for printing, paying careful attention to the process control requirements and protocols needed to ensure that the cards are printed and finished (cut) accurately.

We utilized the Generate QR Code function in InDesign to create a unique QR code that links to my personal contact information when scanned; then we imposed the completed card on a supplied template utilizing the Step and Repeat function to create a grid of 3 columns and 7 rows of cards in preparation for printing on 12x18 paper.

After imposition, the document was Exported to PdfX3 for printing. We had to pay very close attention to control protocols at this point, making sure that the View Pdf after Export is checked, along with ALL Printers Marks and Use Document Bleed Settings in Bleed and Slug.

After carefully proofing the Pdf to confirm that all control mechanisms were in place, the file was sent to Wall-E, a Xerox Work center 7970 laser printer.

Fall 2017
Print, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator