Integrated media class project

For this class, three teams were chosen by three clients to create content for their business. After watching my presentation and viewing my resume, I was chosen by PHusion to join one of their design teams.

PHusion is an organization that wants to empower millennial/XYZ entrepreneurs with the resources to create socially responsible businesses. We had to develop branding elements, print marketing, social media content, and a new website for the company.

My role was website designer and social media manager. Our team focused on the story-telling emphasis that PHusion wanted communicated to their audience. We created a color palette based on their logo that they had in use. I created a website design and the social media strategic plan.

My team won the class competition and won an award with our branding content in the annual UH RedFest. Featured here is some of my contribution to the team. As of Summer 2018, I became the first intern with PHusion.


Spring 2018
corporate branding, social media strategy, website development, graphic design
2018 Integrated Media Branding Project, 2018 RedFest